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Critical Illness


The UAE has the second highest rate of diabetes in the world. (Diabetes Atlas, International Diabetes Federation)

Cancer is the third leading cause of death in the UAE after cardiovascular disease and trauma.

Smoking, Obesity,stress, junk food and lack of exercise are creating heart-disease patients in the UAE 15 years earlier than in the west.

Data from Abu Dhabi, the largest of the seven emirates making up the United Arab Emirates (UAE) show diseases of the circulatory system consistently make the greatest contribution to emirate mortality, accounting for at least 27% of deaths in 2010 despite its young population (median age 18 for Nationals, 31 for Expatriates)

The World Health Organisation (WHO) stated in 2008 that Today, non-communicable diseases (NCDs), mainly cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes represent a major threat to human health and development. These four diseases are the world`s biggest killers, causing an estimated 35 million deaths each year - 60% of all deaths globally - with 80% in low- and middle-income countries

How it Works

Critical illness protection is a living benefit, unlike life insurance, which pays in the event of death. A person who is protected against a critical Illness recieves a single lumpsum, like life insurance in the event of being diagnosed for any listed Illness. In most cases Critical Illness is more devastating than death itself, as the person diagnosed lose his/her ability to earn a living and often succumbs to death after few years of treatment.

The probability of someone being diagnosed with a critical illness before the age of 65 years is far greater than death. All the savings that you may currently be setting aside for your old age or your childrens education may not be available if you or a family member is diagnosed of a heart attack, cancer or another critical illness.

At Sahara, we design tailormade critical Illness Plans from leading global brands to meet your needs in the unfortunate event of you being diagnosed for a major ailment